The seven chakras in the human body correspond to the seven vital organs. Free flowing energy in these chakras denotes a healthy body and mind. Each Chakra has a particular frequency, colour or sound. In a healthy person the Chakras spin at their respective frequencies without any hindrance. When there is some impedance to the spinning or vibration, it manifests itself in the form of spiritual, emotional or physical ailments. Chakra Balancing Yoga Workshops aim to remove these obstructions and re-energise Chakras so that they function properly.

During the sessions you will move through and fully connect with different levels of energy within the body. In result you will have strong body awareness within yourself and feel close to the earth, you will experience safety, security, and stillness. This is a holistic approach to Chakra Healing that involves focusing on one Chakra per workshop. We use continuous breathing (pranayama), sequences of yoga poses (asanas), meditation (dhyana), mudras, bandhas, and mantras. A Colour Therapy, Organic Aromatherapy and Energy Healing through Reiki and Vibrational Healing with Alchemy Crystal Sound Bowls are additionally used to further enhance the processes. This is when healing and rebalancing starts to occur.


Sessions are held in different locations in Berlin
Please get in touch for details

Small Group Sessions

Places are limited.
Time: 2 hours
Cost: 30€ per workshop