Having tried out a lot already I’m super happy to have had such surprise. As I’ve always been interested in energy work as much as meditation and yoga – I am flashed that this young woman is the full package. The holistic approach is one I appreciate big time, because often there was always something missing for me – may it be sound (but not just the next rain forest cd), chakra-and -energy work, reference to astrology, connection to the body, aromatherapy, etc. by “accident” (thanks again universe) I came across this meditation evening, and I can not wait to come again and also try her yoga classes. I’ve felt that someone really understood the overall picture and I appreciate that interest and knowledge in so many fields.

Paul Auls, Germany

I had an individual series of Reiki sessions as well as group yoga at Holistic Yoga. It has been superb, genuine, powerful, transformative and healing. The energy work is very powerful and we were able to deal with deep rooted issues from the first session – the effect both emotional and physical: healing/relaxation that is still lasting. The overall experience is of a very professional, passionate and well informed healer in a tasteful and safe/welcoming environment. The yoga classes are also a very special experience. Berlin deserves to know about her wonderful treatments and classes. I will certainly be back for more.

Cobi van Tonder, South Africa

Holistic Yoga Berlin means most special yoga classes – you will experience an absolute new approach to your yoga and meditation practice. The teacher Ewelina is trully a beautiful soul who puts heart and passion into everything she does… I call myself a very lucky person to have met her and experience her magic in her yoga and meditation classes, private reiki sessions or special workshops like heart opening with cocoa drinking ceremony. Every workshop/class concept she creates is different and very special and effective in its own way. Since coming to her classes regularly I have grown so much – physically, emotionally and spiritually. I highly recommend practicing there.

Kathalin Laser, Germany

This is one of my favourite spots in Berlin, for not only yoga, but an all-round sense of well-being, nurture and unwinding. The groups are small and intimate which gives the feeling of almost having a private session and the atmosphere is beautifully created with music, lighting and incenses. Ewelina is a great and wise teacher, whose knowledge and experience surpassed all my expectation. Her approach, as the name says it, is truly holistic and the effects of just one session with her are palpable throughout the rest of the week. Highly recommended!

Dunja Zigic, Croatia

If you are looking for a yoga studio that is different, has sophistication and class, and is run by a supportive competent teacher who is living and breathing yoga and health, Holistic Yoga Berlin is the place to go. Here love is in every detail – the aroma oils in the lamp, the lovely lavender eye pillows, the smoothie or tonic after the class. Ewelina, the owner and teacher, is so caring and warm. She really goes the extra mile to deliver superb customer experience! With her I feel cared for and surrounded by good vibes. Every class is a masterpiece!

Violetta Pleshakova, Russia

I went to Ewelina for a Reiki session. As it was my first time, I was not sure what to expect, or if I would feel anything. But it was amazing. I could really feel Ewelina working, and I left more relaxed than ever. Ewelina’s openness and kindness, as well as the atmosphere she has created in her studio definitely helped. She is a true source of positive energy, she makes you feel completely comfortable, she always answers all your questions (before, during the session, and after!) and gives you insightful tips. I wish I had more time in Berlin to also try one of her yoga session in the park, I bet she is an amazing teacher! So, if you are around, do not hesitate to contact her!

Sophie Aus, France

I had the pleasure of a “Holistic Therapy Signature PREMIUM PACKAGE” appointment with Ewelina. The atmosphere was warm, minimal and clear and invited all of my senses to rest and relax into the treatment. Ewelina has a calm, confident and welcoming presence and I felt very cared for and nurtured. Even days after I still notice the rippling effects of the subtle energy shifts that occurred during our session together. The “BALI TONIC” was a delicious and nourishing finish to a really lovely holistic session!

Lisa Milloy, Canada

From the moment I booked my first class, the experiences have only been WONDERFUL!! The place is a calm and relaxing oasis and Ewelina teaches in such a kind and caring manner, really taking into account your own wishes and ability. The classes are a nice and mindful tempo where you can really discover your own potential. Ewelina is a professional in all sense of the word, a great teacher who really wants to help people reach whatever goal they may have. I also had a reiki session with her and it was one of the most amazing experiences. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, this is the place to go!!

Robyn Walker, United Kingdom