Holistic Yoga Berlin is a place for rejuvenation and healing in an atmosphere of peace and acceptance that allows you to connect with a quieter, deeper part of yourself.

I combine integrative bodywork, yoga, meditation and energy healing to offer you a holistic experience. You are encouraged to look at your entire state, both physical and mental, in order to address your personal issues.

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Holistic Yoga Berlin – Ewelina Bubanja


What is Holism?

Holism is a fairly new concept in Western society but has a long history in the East. It is the idea that the parts of a structure do not stand alone, and that they are dependent on the whole. It requires looking at the entire system in order to address an individual part’s problem, and the effects of one part will affect the system.

Merging breath, balance, flexibility and strength, you will learn self-healing techniques and find depth in your practice. A great emphasis is put at the injury prevention, correct alignment and spinal integrity. You will learn to apply the key concepts of holism and mindfulness into your daily life creating a lifestyle.

Join me today for English Yoga Berlin with a unique holistic approach!