Sundays – Detox Hatha Yoga Iyengar Style

Slower paced yoga class focusing attention on alignment and staying in poses for several breaths. It incorporates a specially designed sequence of detox yoga poses to intensify cleansing in the body on the lymphatic, circulatory, and digestive level. Anuloma Viloma breathing technique is practiced to calm the mind and the nervous system, to improve blood circulation, and keep the eliminatory system healthy. A subsequent Detoxifying Turmeric Tonic is served to enhance cleansing of the body.

You will experience a deep feeling of connection to your body and nature that surrounds you. Anyone can benefit from a yoga detox program. Especially if you’ve been feeling sluggish or are experiencing digestion problems, have a lack of stamina, poor concentration, aches and pains, or skin problems. Our bodies have a natural of getting rid of waste products, but sometimes it needs help to boost eliminating these products. For the ultimate rejuvenation after sequence of poses designed to boost of digestive, circulation and lymphatic systems you will nourish your body and replenish energy with healthful and cleansing organic Indonesian Turmeric Tonic or selection of cold pressed juices, and re-hydrate your body with fresh young coconuts. I have a very strong anti-injury approach and I classes are semi-private with up to 8 students to ensure a maximum attention per participant during the practice. It is necessary that you register for the class in advance to secure the spot!

Saturdays – Detox Vinyasa Flow

These classes cultivate full, complete breath with alignment based intelligent sequencing which has a lot of twists to remove toxins. Those poses will not only stimulate digestion and the thyroid gland, but also build muscle, and get the digestive track moving. Ujjayi Breath is practiced to create heat and to energize the body. Each Vinyasa class is unique and all suitable for different levels. I offer modifications for beginners as well as amplifications for more advanced students. The result is that students work hard enough to sweat but feel relaxed, clear and energized at the conclusion of their practice. Subsequent Detoxifying Turmeric Tonic is served to enhance process of detox in the body.